The name of this organization is The Westminster Dog Park Council (WDPC).

It is understood that these WDPC bylaws recognize and adhere to the democratic principles of justice, equality and fairness for all, and follow the law of the land as stated by California state and local law, and by the Constitution of the United States of America.


A - The purpose of the WDPC is to be a self-governing body of interested individuals who monitor, maintain and improve the dog park facility on a daily basis, as well as to advise patrons of the rules and regulations of the dog park and to set an example of leadership and responsible pet care.

B - Although the WDPC is self-governing, it is operating in co-ordination with and under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Department and adheres to all the binding laws and regulations of the City of Los Angeles.

C – The WDPC provides a forum for discussing issues, receiving recommendations, making policy and addressing grievances pertaining to the ongoing maintenance of the dog park.

D - Los Angeles City Employees shall act as advisors to the WDPC, will not vote, but will carry out the requests and policy decisions of the WDPC within reason and within the law in a timely fashion.

An association exists between the non-profit FREEPLAY and the Westminster Off-Leash Dog Park. As the founding organization and co-sponsor for the dog park, FREEPLAY’s ongoing purpose as an advisor to the WDPC is to assure self-government and responsible pet care awareness, as decreed in FREEPLAY’s own bylaws as filed with the State of California.

E - The WDPC will set an agenda for its meetings which will include addressing grievances. However, a time limit of no more than ten minutes shall be set for any one grievance. If the Council feels the need to address a grievance for more than ten minutes, then a motion can be made for a continuance of that discussion. Thereafter, any further need to address a grievance will be referred to a grievance committee, consisting of WDPC members/volunteers who will then report or refer its recommendations to the WDPC. If no resolution can be found by the WDPC, the matter will then be referred to the director of the facility, the Westminster Senior Center.

F - The WDPC has no power to enforce laws or to regulate anyoneís behavior. Incident reports may be filled out and brought to the attention of the WDPC and the director. Any need for law enforcement will be carried out by the Park Rangers and/or the Los Angeles Police Department.

G - The WDPC shall seek to set an example of citizen and community self-responsibility, and through this example, help to promote the formation of other self-governed off-leash dog parks.

ARTICLE III - Menbership:

A - Members of the WDPC are those individuals who are committed to enact policy and take responsibility for dog park business and maintenance.

B - Any dog park user is eligible to apply for membership on the WDPC. However, members must comply with volunteer criteria of the Department of Recreation and Parks policies, which include individual fingerprinting and no criminal or felony record.

C - All potential new members must attend a meeting of the WDPC and then submit an application. New members shall be voted onto the council by a majority vote of the entire current council.

D - Membership is for one year, after which any member can re-apply.

E - Dismissal from the WDPC shall be determined by a 75% vote of the entire current council.

F - There shall be 4 to 12 (or more at the councilís discretion) members and at least one more than half of the current council members must be present to have a quorum and to enact policy. It is understood that all good effort will be made to contact and inform all council members prior to a regularly scheduled or emergency meeting, regarding any proposed policy enactment.

G - A general member is any other individual who attends WDPC meetings and seeks a voice in dog park matters, but is not a member of the WDPC.


A - The officers of the WDPC are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The president oversees all WDPC activities and presides over meetings.
The vice-president assists the president and takes over in the presidentís absence.
The secretary takes minutes, send letters, facilitates administration.
The treasurer holds and submits receipts, donated funds raised, etc. to the Municipal Recreation Program (MRP) dog park account, overseen and audited by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. Deposits in the Dog Park account are made by the current Director of the facility. All funding requests from the WDPC go through the Director.


A - Meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Westminster Senior Center or at any other location as decided by the WDPC.

B - Officers are elected by a majority of the existing council.

C - A motion is passed by a simple majority vote, after being seconded by a WDPC member.

D - Tied votes may require additional discussion or shall be tabled for the next meeting at the discretion of the President.

E - The Vice-President shall preside in the Presidentís absence. Another facilitator may preside over meetings as agreed upon by the Council.

F - The President and/or Vice President shall set the agenda for meetings.

G - Agenda items may be proposed by any WDPC member or general member, and must be placed on the agenda of the next meeting following a majority vote.

H - The president shall write up and post the agenda on the bulleting board within the dog park no later than one week prior to the meetings, and provide copies at the meetings.

I - Members of the WDPC may meet electronically by email or by telephone in case of an emergency and a quorum must agree by majority vote before any action is taken, or an emergency meeting can be called by the president to take place at any location, providing a quorum can be achieved.

J - If at any time during the course of a WDPC meeting a member feels that the spirit and intention of these by-laws is not being adhered to, then a call of ìpoint of orderî may be made, and at the discretion of the President, (or acting President) a discussion may ensue to seek clarification and/or resolution.

K - It is understood that the WDPC is a non-partisan, non-sectarian citizens advisory committee specific to the operation of the Westminster Dog Park, not a board of directors, and that these by-laws are written as general guidelines under the approval and jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, for the ongoing maintenance of the dog park and the effective functioning of the Council.